RC Airplane

This is gonna be my practice plane... small enough to fly at my local park.

Here I cut out all of the layers needed to make my plane. Then I peeled off the plastic film from the foam board and added some marks for lining up the layers.

Now I started gluing the the layers with a spray glue working from the inside layers out.

Almost done with the fuselage.

Now I attempted with somewhat success reinforcing the plane with a paper mache type covering. I used a plain brown wrapping paper (like brown paper bag material)soaked in watered down Elmer's glue. It didn't stick the best and was hard to get to lay flat. I will be trying again.....

I have found that spreading a thin layer of glue and then adding the paper mache to the wing did the trick.

I did a lot of work on the plane and didn't take very many process pictures but here's where I'm at now...

I really have moved to finish building this thing as quickly and cheaply as possible because I am positive it will be crashed... and crashed hard ....many many times

I built the control rods from bamboo skewers and paper clips

The elevator and rudder are working very well... I decided to hold off on adding ailerons to this plane until after I try to fly it the first time.

Thanks to copious ammounts of hot glue the servos are held in place...