After learning that most quadcopters use Atmel micro controllers on their flight controllers and in their ESC's I got really excited to build one myself. I became very familiar with these chips through the many Arduino projects I've worked on. I went into this project not knowing anything about RC stuff or flying vehicles in general for some reason I thought I could just buy some motors and props and I'd be flying...but that has not been the case and I have handfuls of broken props to prove it. I have put a lot of time into research to learn all about RC stuff and most importantly where to buy the stuff as cheaply as possible. I found Hobby King and ebay to really be the cheapest places to order RC parts from but the parts most likely will be comming from China so it can be a long wait about 3 weeks or so.

My first frame for the quadcopter I made from scrap aluminum I happened to have on hand. I used 3/8" aluminum c-channel and .040 thick aluminum sheets then nuts and bolts to hold it all together.

The aluminum frame wasn't too bad and seemed durable enough but then I found that for $7 bucks from Hobby King you can buy a very nice frame with landing feet which mine didn't have so I upgraded the frame.

The above picture shows the quadcopter with three broken propellers. It took a pretty hard landing and cart wheeled across the yard.

I have been through a couple different phases of parts but here is the parts list I've settled with.

4 x Hobby King Donkey 1550kv out-runner motors

4 x Hobby King SS series 18 amp ESCs

4 x Prop adapters

1 x flight controller-- A generic one from ebay(China)that has a ITG3205 TRIPLE AXIS GYRO, BMA180 ACCELEROMETER, BMP085 BAROMETER, and a HMC5883L MAGNETOMETER. I loaded Multiwii 2.2 on the SMD ATMEL 328p micro controller.

1 x F450 Quadcopter frame

1 x Power distribution board that has been fried and then strengthened by me.

1 x Turnigy 2450mAh 3S 30C Lipo Battery

1 x On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm

1 x Turnigy 8 channel receiver

Many 7035 props (which seems to translate to 7" diameter 3.5 pitch)

3 x broccoli rubber bands to hold on the battery and LiPo alarm

Note: The ITG3205 Gyro works as the ITG3200 listed in the Multi Wii config.h file.

Now that I settled on parts I've been working on tuning the PID and the transmitter. What I really need to do is find a way to learn to fly the thing.......

Now I broke a motor right off its mounts.

Alright! I found a quadcopter model for FMS and I can use my own transmitter to fly it.... practice time!

Here's a links to the quadcopter model 1

Here's a links to the quadcopter model 2

Here's a links to the quadcopter model 3

Screen shot from FMS of me flying a quad